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News Tip

Thank you for contacting us. Before you send us an news tip we need to tell you a few things.

1. This is for our online program "Ottawa County News" only.  If it's not in Oklahoma we will not use it.

2. If this is an event please ensure it's at least 4 weeks before the event so we can promote it and later follow up when you have the event. We expect you to share both episodes via social media etc. 

3. We don't accept confidential documents and we don't use confidential sources. Expect to be interviewed.

4. We verify information from multiple sources.

5. Press Releases are accepted but may be adapted for clarity and time.

6. We prefer video shot in landscape not portrait. 

7. We don't do gossip, hit pieces, etc. We're apolitical and omnistic, we do strictly news much like Walter Cronkite.

8. News is broken down by: impact, timeliness, prominence, close to home, conflict, unexpected, current and human interest. 

9. We prefer to "break the story" not just be one of many talking about it.

-Please include a point of contact.

-For quicker service visit our Facebook page or call us.

Thanks for submitting!

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