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Advertise on a Livestream/Production
Looking for an inexpensive way to advertise to thousands of people?
Why not sponsor one of our community livestreams!
Sponsorship includes:
-A mention and your logo in our event ad (This is boosted on Facebook and played during our other broadcasts)
-Your commercial played or read numerous times during the broadcast
-Free access (if it's a pay-per-view event)
-A DVD copy of the event (for $100 sponsors only)
Note: Woodruff Media Management Marketing clients get all events included in their contract.



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Purchase Past Live Streams

Computerized DVD Duplication

Frequently people email us and ask, "Can I have a DVD copy of that live stream?".  Most of the time the answer is "Yes!..for $10." Aside from performances, where copyright may be an issue, we offer this service in addition to our live streams.

All DVDs feature better video and audio that's far superior than a live stream. Click on the DVDs to see our catalog.