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Transcript: The Community Focus Update (02/03/21)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Community Focus Update Date: February 3rd, 2020

Note: This is a working document information may change. Missing numbers means stories were dropped. (FSG)

Covid-19 Disclaimer (PPT Video/Chroma Key)

-:60 Opener/Lower third (Mike) (One shot) (Zoom in) Mike: Welcome to our 44th episode of the Community Focus Update. I’m Michael Woodruff. Last Saturday Northeast Oklahoma had some really high winds. The national weather service did predict Scattered thunderstorms across parts of

far northeast Oklahoma and far northwest Arkansas to include large hail and strong wind gusts. They even included a low potential for tornadoes in late afternoon. I was here at the office editing some video when I was alerted of a tornado so I decided to set up a camera. Here's some time lapse video of that. Notice how the flag in front of the banks doesn't sway. It was blocked by the building. The clouds said a storm was coming. Sound effect..Oh here are the sirens..I was a little nervous at this point and sought shelter in the bathroom. Man that rain was fierce! The sunshine that followed was nice and a little brief.

I saw there was a funnel at buffalo ranch near Afton but when I drove over there I didn't see any debris and then I went down to Grove to run an errand. I passed a storm chaser as I crossed Sailboat bridge. Sorry I didn't have time to stop him and get an interview. Anyway I hope you are all OK. Looks like storm season came a little early this year. We'll have a story about being prepared for storn season in the near feature. Source:

(One shot) Mike: In this week’s program we'll tell you where you can get free tax help. We'll also give you an update on current road projects throughout Ottawa County. Later in the program we'll recap Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's 2021 state of the State address. Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about our sponsors. -Graphic

-The Community Health Clinic Mike: As the number of suicides national experts are looking at ways to address the problem and you can be part of the solution. Coming up on Wednesday morn March 10th from 9 to noon, The Community Health Center is hosting a zoom conference with several nationally recognized experts to include folks from the CDC, local health clinics, faith leaders, and policy experts. For details visit chcneo dot com slash special dash virtual dash event dash suicide dash prevention. This livestream event will also be broadcasted here on the Woodruff Media Management Facebook page.

-Elegance Unleashed Mike: Elegance Unleashed; Owner Deb Swank offers a full service salon for you and your family. They offer a wide variety of services from haircuts to pedicures. Due to easing of state and local Covid-19 rules Elegance Unleashed, will be taking one-on-one appointments. Children and the disabled can be accompanied by one adult. As a safety caution all clients are asked to wear surgical masks. If you don’t have a mask one will be provided. Deb wants to thank everyone for their past patronage and looks forward to serving returning and new customers. For an appointment call 918-544-6976.

-Pewitt Law Graphic Mike: Since 1992, Douglas Pewitt has been serving the public as an attorney. If you have questions about Family law to include divorce and child custody, auto or personal injury, or found yourself on the other side of the law. Call Pewitt Law Offices at 918-542-8400. Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of The Community Focus Update it’s only $10 an episode during the covid-19 pandemic. Email me at Michael Woodruff Media Management dot com with the Word “advertising” in the subject line. #1 (One shot/Graphic) (OSHD Volunteers needed ) Mike: Since 2002 the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps (OKMRC) has been recruiting volunteers to serve in medical and non-medical positions. Right now you can help. Volunteers are needed in administering Covid-19 tests and vaccines. Each volunteer that finishes a shift may have an opportunity to received the covid-19 vaccine if supplies are available. To volunteer visit


Mike: Volunteers are needed on Friday February 5th from 8:30 AM - 4 PM at First Christian Church : 2424 N. Main. St. Miami. PPE will be provided. #2(One shot/Graphic) (Free Tax Help)

Mike: April 15th will be here before you know it. So write this website down., if your income in 2020 was $72,000 or less you can file a free federal and state tax return. This service has no age restrictions, and offers an easy 1040 form and 1040 Non-resident form. You can e-file for federal and Oklahoma returns. If you have any questions personalized help is also available.

#3 (one shot/graphic) (Miami Travel Center Open House )

Mike: After being closed for a good part of 2020 the Miami Tourism Information Center has reopened. Shanda Schertz Manager of the Miami Tourism Information Center explains the many features this new center offers, Lower Third: Shanda Schertz, Manager, of the Miami Tourism Information Center

(One Shot/Video) #4 (Future Road Construction) Mike: Frequently we keep you updated on the situation of roads throughout Ottawa county. In the upcoming weeks we'll be update our website with links to the various entities that fix travelways throughout Ottawa county until then check out today's program transcript at woodruffmediamanment dot com slash news. Sources: State Road Plans State Road Updates Ottawa County Road Updates Miami Street Updates Miami City Audit

(One Shot/Graphic/Video) #5 (OCMTC Gift to MRCC) Mike: Recently the Ottawa County Musicians Tribute Committee presented the Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce a collection of framed photographs taken by local photographer Bobby Poole. Lower Third: Bobby Poole, Photographer, Ottawa County Musicians Tribute Committee Mike: These photos will be placed among other local artwork at Miami Main at 11 South Main downtown Miami.

Mike: Have a news tip? Why let us know by visiting our website slash News and fill out the form.

Mike: Coming up after the break, we’ be giving you a summary of Oklahoma Governor Stitts State of The State address for 2021. Until then here's a list of upcoming government meetings opened to the public.

Upcoming Government Meetings

Fairland City Council February 11, 7pm

Ottawa County Commissioners Meeting February 8, 9am

Wyandotte City Council February 8, 7pm

Commercial Break (Ottawa County Farmers Market :30, Paid)

#8 (One shot/Video) (Gov. Stitt 2021 State of the State Address) Mike: Welcome back everyone. Often when someone has to tell you something important they'll preface it with, "What would you like first, the good news or the bad?" In the case of the 2021 State of the State address by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, what Oklahoma accomplished in response to the covid-19 pandemic was at the top of the list. The bad news that followed however tells a different story when it comes to long-term issues that have plagued Oklahoma. Here's that part of the speech. Lower Third: Gov. Kevin Stitt (R), Oklahoma

To read the full transcript of the Governor's 2021 State of the State address visit today's program transcript at WoodruffMediaManagement dot come slash news Oklahoma 2020 State of the State Full Transcript Mike: After the break we'll discuss another aspect of local newsgathering…. Here's a piece of trivia you may not know.

Commercial Break (Unity of Joplin :30, Paid) #8 (One shot/Video) (Commentary: Citizen Journalism can be Dangerous) Mike: Welcome back everyone, in the past decade social media has become the go-to source for news. In the old days you had to wait for the evening paper, listen at the top of the hour for radio headlines, or watch television for the 6 o'clock news. Now up-to-the- minute news can be reported at anytime of the day. In many ways this is great because those who may not have been able to access news are now in the the know. And an informed person is more likely to be a better citizen. They are more active in volunteering, they have a better understanding how government works, their votes are more informed, and the list goes on and on. The downside is anyone can be a "reporter".

While the United States Constitution doesn't have specific conditions set for the press, the Supreme Court has often given guidance on how journalists should act in regards to reporting the news. For the most part, if a journalist reports facts about whatever situation, they are protected. The problem is sometimes reporting certain truths can hurt the public good. This can be reporting on top secret military operations or a police standoff on a public street. Recently two events in Miami gave me pause. Hearing of a Facebook Live of Miami police begging a suicidal individual to put a gun down. And seeing photos on facebook of a school bus accident. In both instances, well meaning people felt they should let the community know what was happening. The problem is these folks didn't think about how their "reporting" would affect either situation. Imagine being the relative or friend of law enforcement or the individuals involved. The horror you would experience while seeing these situations unfold before your eyes. Or what about officials who are dealing with the problem, now they have to think about public scrutiny in real time; they have to answer telephone calls or social media questions all while trying to deal with the problem at hand. With a microscope on their every move how can they do their job properly? In addition to not thinking about how people are affected, the citizen journalists also isn't aware of potential dangers. While the smartphone is running the citizen reporter is more likely to have tunnel vision. They are not seeing what is going on around them. They are putting everyone's safety at risk. Unlike bonafide reporters who have training in these situations and have built rapport with emergency personnel, citizen reporters are unpredictable they are more likely to not stay in one place. Lastly citizen journalists do not think about the innocent. They let the situation unfold before any official can provide context or follow up information. Thus anyone in the video is now convicted, tried, and found guilty in the court of public opinion. The citizen journalist has now violated everyone's right to a fair trial.

So the next time you see a news story unfold before your eyes and you are tempted to be a citizen journalist please stop and think how your actions may affect the community.


Supreme Court Cases

Journalism Safety Guidelines

Journalism Ethics

Suicide Report by Miami Police Department Bus Accident Report by Miami Public Schools

Mike: Well that’s it for this week’s program. Be sure to like and share this video and become our friend on Facebook. Thanks again for watching. We’ll see you next week!

(Copyright 2021/fade out)

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