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Transcript: The Community Focus Update (10/05/21)

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Community Focus Update

Date: Oct 05, 2021

Note: This is a working document information may change. Missing numbers means stories were dropped.

Dedicated to Gary Headley, Friend, Mentor, Colleague 1959-2021

Mike: In this episode of the Community Focus Update We’ll be going to a veterans parade in Afton, we’ll get insight on the changes of the pharmacy industry since the 1970’s, and later we’ll learn the outcome of charges brought against a former Ottawa County Sheriff.


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Mike: Welcome to our 62nd episode of the Community Focus Update. In this special episode Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about those folks who help make this program possible..

-Kdawg Krazy Discounts Mike: At Kdawg Krazy Discounts a whole nutha level of Krazyness is happening. A new location and new business hours! Check out the deals at Kdawg Krazy discounts at the corner of southeast of North Main and Veterans boulevard in Miami. Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sundays from noon to 6 pm. To learn more visit their Facebook page. -Elegance Unleashed Mike: Next we have Elegance Unleashed; With over five years of serving Miami, Owner Deb Swank offers a full service salon for you and your family with a wide variety of services from haircuts to pedicures. For an appointment call 918-544-6976.

-Extreme Gaming Mike: In addition to video games, Extreme Gaming at 1915 North Main in Miami is now offering movie rentals! Each Tuesday is New Release day and with over twelve hundred titles in stock, there’s something for everyone! To learn more give Extreme Gaming a call at 918-542-7529. On the phone or in person be sure to thank them for sponsoring the Community Focus Update!

Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of The Community Focus Update it’s only $10 an episode during the covid-19 pandemic. Email me at Michael at Woodruff Media Management dot com with the Word “advertising” in the subject line.

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Afton Veterans Honored Mike: On Saturday September 25th Afton American Legion Post 124 celebrated their 100 years of serving community veterans. In addition to a parade featuring American legion posts from around the state a BBQ diner fundraiser happened at the community center. We had an opportunity to speak with a few leaders on why this event was so important. Lower Third: Jim Quinn, Vice Commander East, Dept of Ok American Legion

Lower Third: Franklin Betz, Commander, Afton American Legion Post 124 Lower Third: Twyla King, Axillary VP, Afton American Legion Post 124


Mike: To learn more about Afton American Legion Post 124 you can call 918-801-1268

-Graphic Mike: To watch the full parade visit the video section on our Facebook Page #2 (one shot/Video)

Rock’in in Rocket Park Mike: On Friday September 17th at Key Club Park in Miami, the Ottawa County Musicians Tribute Committee hosted Rock’in in Rocket Park. This night of free music featured local band “Until Now”. Organizer Debbie East explains the method behind this musical event.. Upper Third: Debbie East, Ottawa County Musicians Tribute Committee Mike: If you have a news tip visit our website Woodruff media management dot com slash news

-camera Mike- After the break we’ll be visiting with a retiring local pharmacist. Here are some upcoming area events. Upcoming events

Afton Community Center American Legion Coffee bar every Tuesday 8am-10am Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce Partners for Ottawa County Inc (POCI) Thursday Oct 21, 12pm-1pm (vaccine card required) Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa County “HalloweenTown” FRIDAY, OCT 29, 6 PM – 9:30 PM

Miami Civic Center Holiday Market Saturday, November 13, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m Commercial Break

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Osborn 50th anniversary/interview with Sara Lomax

Mike: Welcome back everyone. Mike: On Friday September 24th Osborn Drugs in Miami celebrated their 50th anniversary. Those in attendance were city leaders to include Miami Mayor Bless Parker, State Representative Steve Bashore, and Debbie Dooley from Congressman MarkWayne Mullins Office. While this was a celebration of a local business it was also a time to celebrate a long time employee Pharmacist Sara Lomax. I and a cameraman from my previous employer KODE Channel 12 news piggybacked on an interview to get some insight on Mrs. Lomax’s the past 49 years of serving the Miami community here’s that full interview. Lower Third: Sarah Lomax, Retired Pharmacist, Osborn Drugs

-Camera Mike: After the break we’ll be giving you an update on a court case regarding the accusation of perjury and embezzlement of a former Ottawa County Sheriff. Until then here’s a piece of trivia you may not know.

#5 (One shot/Graphic/Video)

Outcome of Former Ottawa County Sheriff Floyd Case Mike: Welcome back everyone Mike: On our December 19th 2020 episode we reported former Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd was indicted by a Grand Jury in Oklahoma city on December 17th with the felony charge of embezzlement for misusing a county credit card to the total of $1,132.78 and the felony charge of lying about his criminal history on the 2020 Declaration of Candidacy form he filed for re-election. After being bonded out of Ottawa county jail for $50,000, a change of venue to Ottawa county was filed. Since that time Mr. Floyd and his lawyer Clint Ward of Vinita have reported to the court 6 times. According to the court records obtained by The Community Focus Update, Mr. Floyds visit to the court on June 22nd resulted in the inability to come to a plea agreement and the date of September 27th was scheduled to determine the trial date. Last Monday Mr. Floyd and his lawyer appeared in court and pleaded guilty of both counts for a lesser charge.

-Graphic Mike: In the felony charge of embezzlement for misusing a county credit card to the total of $1,132.78, Mr. Floyd will be required to pay restitution of the entire balance directly to the state attorney general's office which will then be forwarded to the Ottawa Board of County Commissioners. In the felony charge of lying about his criminal history on the 2020 Declaration of Candidacy form he filed for re-election Mr. Floyd will surrender his CLEET certification and will not be allowed to work in Law enforcement in the state of Oklahoma. While both counts were downgraded to misdemeanors. Mr. Floyd was put on probation for one year and will check in with the Oklahoma Attorney General's office by the first of each month and pay $40 for each month with a total of $480.


Mike: You can read our entire coverage and review court documents by visiting today's transcript on our website Woodruff media management dot com slash news

Sources: Court Documents Previous Stories

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Commentary Former Ottawa County Sheriff Floyd Case

Upper Third: Commentary

Mike: Since our first episode of the Community Focus Update we have been following Mr. Floyd. At first I was excited to see the then Sheriff working to make improvements to the county jail, establish a vehicle program, get uniforms for officers, and grants to help pay for other costs. Mr. Floyd had so much promise. Sadly over time the luster of the sheriff's badge became tarnished by not communicating weekly with the Board of County Commissioners, Embezzling county funds, and lying on election documents. While Mr. Floyd was not convicted of a felony he will be continually regarded as a crook and a liar. Hopefully after admitting his mistake in court he’ll take that next step and apologize directly to the people he swore to serve and protect. He can do this a couple of ways 1. By delivering his apology at the next Board of County Commissioners or 2. By holding a press conference. After that he needs to volunteer with a local service organization like the Salvation Army. Once these two things happen hopefully he can find redemption in this community.

Mike: Well that is it for our program please like and share this video and if you have yet, to become our friend on facebook please do so. We’ll see you next week. We’ll end today’s program with a sampling of “Until Now” , the band that performed at Rocket park.

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