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The List: 10 Ways People Judge You

We have often heard "never judge a book by it's cover". While it can be unfair to those with disabilities or other born traits, people who make concerted efforts to "tell their story" quickly discover some, like potential employers or a potential mate, may view them as less than. Here are some stories you may be telling that are counterproductive.

10. Tattoos

While latest statistics say over 30% of Americans have tattoos, there is a time and place for them. In the workplace, your canvas may not be enjoyed by everyone especially if artwork contains nudity, vulgarity, or is just freaking annoying (really you thought "tribal" tattoos were a thing?!). Before that job interview look at the companies website for policies and pictures of key people; Dress like them.

9. Your Noisy Ride

Yes, automobiles are everywhere but we shouldn't hear you a block away as you rev the engine. People especially hate you when your loud bass rocks their windows at 2am. Not caring about noise pollution makes you a big jerk and no woman is impressed.

8. Your Social Media Politics

Whether you are cheering on guys named Brandon or constantly decrying the evils of capitalism. Most people are looking to social media as a way to entertain themselves. You are just ruining a good thing. This is why "only 25% of people see your posts" most of your friends they have hidden you.

7. Proclaiming the Obvious

No doubt we all need to advocate for ourselves. Yet upon meeting someone new, why not just let them have a positive first impression and let your charm and smile do the talking. It's easier for people to like you based on what they think you are instead of appealing to negative biases they may have. This can go for the overzealous Bible believer who can name all the apostles, the vegan lesbian who only shops at co-ops, or the disabled senior on a fixed income.

6. Your Smell

Unlike other living beings, humans have the ability to like or dislike aromas. Frequently avoid the shower or dowsing yourself with tons of cologne can turn people away in a heartbeat. If you are sitting in a room of really nice people and none of them are sitting next to you this could be an indicator. If you are allergic to deodorant there are alternatives. Diet can also be a factor.

5. Your Reading Habits or Lack Thereof

You can tell much about a person by what is on their bookshelf or in their hand; People who read nonfiction can be quite knowledgeable on the latest news while fiction readers don't dismiss the impossible. For those who don't read, you probably don't know, or care about, the difference between "There", "Their" and "They're". Contrary to popular belief ignorance is not bliss... Library cards are easy to get.

4. Swearing

While swearing is helpful to express frustration at times, it shouldn't be the end all be all. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, The English language alone has 171,146 words not to mention 47,156 obsolete words. Using a swear word as a noun, verb, and adjective in the same sentence isn't witty it's lazy.

3. Home Décor Clichés

We all want to "Live', Laugh, and Love" but putting it on your wall doesn't make that happen. Instead hang pictures of you doing just that; these are great conversation starters. Family and friends also feel loved when you have a picture of them on the wall next to your Velvet Elvis.

2. Your Dirty Kids

If your kids are clean 24/7 then you are a helicopter parent. If they are dirty 24/7 then your parental skills are lacking. In order to have fun at times, kids need to get dirty; They need to make mud pies. They need to eat sloppy joes. They also need to be clean when they are in public. Comb your child's hair, change their diapers, and let others believe you are an awesome parent even when you know you fall short. 1. Ongoing Conflict

From gossiping to blaming everyone for your problems how you converse tells the listener you don't take responsibility for your actions. If you speak ill of others to one friend who is to say you won't speak ill of that same friend to someone else. If you often say, "Everyone around me sucks!" odds are it's you; You are the common denominator. In order to change this, follow your grandma's rule: "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything".

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