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The List: 6 Times Products Went "Biblical"

Since German Inventor Johannes Gutenberg's first prining in 1455, the Holy Bible has become the most recognized work in human history. Since that time, world leaders secular and sacred have sourced it. In modern times, literature, film, and music have also been inspired. One overlooked aspect of this usage has been in marketing. Good or bad, here are some samples. 1. McDonalds (1973)

Taken from Mathew 4:4, McDonald's believes a quarter pound of meat is a great addition to the worldly goods mankind needs. 2. Smith Corona (1976)

Smith Corona reminds us Christmas stops being the time of toys by becoming the season of tools.

3. Burger King (Spain) (2022)

In 2022, Burger King Spain thought it would be witty to introduce the Impossible Whopper, a meatless plant-based patty during Holy Week utilizing a play on quotes from Christ's Last Supper, “Take all of you and eat of it. Which doesn’t have meat”, and "Flesh of my Flesh" with Flesh (Meat/Carne) crossed out with vegetable as the correction. In a country that is predominantly Catholic this play on words didn't set well and boycotts ensued..

4. Saga Video Games (2017)

Just in time for Christmas, Saga wants to remind you it's mischievous lead gaming character Sonic the Hedgehog is actually an angel.

5. American Airlines (1950)

Referencing the worst disaster in human history, American Airlines appreciates the logistic concerns of Noah..

6. Apple Computer (1979)

Of course Apple is going to use an Adam & Eve reference to sell computers..

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