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Transcript: Ottawa County News 03/24/23)

Ottawa County News Episode 4

Date: March 24, 2023

Mike: In this week's episode of Ottawa County News, we'll visit Afton and get more details on an upcoming election. Then we’ll learn who is honoring a local late dance instructor Later in the program we’ll learn about a new local organization that is helping raise awareness for autism. All of this and more here on Ottawa County News!


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Mike: Welcome to our third episode of Ottawa County News! I’m local broadcaster Michael Woodruff. Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about those folks who help make this program possible..

-Extreme Gaming Mike: In addition to video games, Extreme Gaming at 1915 North Main in Miami is now offering movie rentals! Each Tuesday is New Release day and with over twelve hundred titles in stock, there’s something for everyone! To learn more give Extreme Gaming a call at 918-542-7529. On the phone or in person be sure to thank them for sponsoring the Ottawa County News!

Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of Ottawa County News its only $20 an episode or $50 a month. Email me at Michael at Woodruff Media dot com with the word “advertising” in the subject line.

#1 (one shot/Graphic)

Afton Townhall Mike: Monday March 20th Afton citizens met at the Community Center to eat spaghetti and discuss how the town could improve. Organizer Mary Hudspeth explains why this event was so important. Lower Third: Mary Hudspeth, Event Organizer

Mike: While at the event I had an opportunity to meet town manager Dean Bridges and get clarity on the upcoming two propositions Afton Voters will deciding on April 4th. Lower Third: Dean Bridges, Afton Town Manager

(Graphic) To see more information about the upcoming election on April 4th in Afton, visit today’s transcript at Woodruff Media dotcom slash news.

#2 (one shot/Photo/Video/Graphic)

Chapters Honors Lee Dell Mustain

Mike: After a short illness, long time Miami resident Lee Dell Mustain passed away on March 21st 2022. The 72 year old wore many hats in her life to include Wife, Mother, Secretary, dance instructor, community theatre actress, and store manager. In honor of that rich legacy, her last employer chapter’s bookstore in Miami has began honoring her legacy with a few events to include a monthly children’s story time presented by Lee Dells friends and a mural. Chapter’s Manager Sonja Frisbie Explains the overall idea. Lower Third: Sonja Frisbie, Chapters Store Manager

Spearheading the Mural project is long time friend and local artist Jessica Stout. She explains the symbolism behind Chapters latest mural.

Lower Third: Jessica Stout, Local Artist (Graphic)

Mike: If you have a news tip or an upcoming event visit our website at Woodruffmedia dot com slash news (Camera) Mike: After the break we'll be speaking with a local organization about its mission of supporting area families touched by Autism.

Mike: Here are some upcoming events in our area.


Upcoming Events Mon Mar 27, 9am Weekly Ottawa Board of County Commissioners, courthouse, Miami Mon Mar 27, 6pm Afton Town Council, Community Center Sat Apr 1, 6pm MPS Enrichment Foundation Blue Event, NEO Ballroom, $50 (OKERT :30, PSA Free) (Graphic) (Ottawa County Facts) #4 (One shot/Video) Ottawa County Family Connection Foundation Interview Lower Third: Kendra Parker, Ottawa County Family Connection Foundation Interview More Info: Mike: Well that is it for our program please like and share this video and if you have yet, to become our friend on Facebook please do so. We’ll see you next week.

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