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Groovy, You're A 60's Teen in Miami, OK!

The 1960's was a time of discovery; A man landed on the moon, The British invaded, and our presidents were known by initials. Here's an outta sight stroll down memory lane from the yearbooks of Miami High School...

You Got Actual "Church Clothes" from Louis Price Department Store

Nobody wore Levi's to church. A nice double-breasted jacket with fabric buttons was the choice of gentleman.

You borrowed your Dad's car

Put the top down and turn up some Herman's Hermits. It's time to cruise!

You "Parked"

And Billie Jean slapped you when you got fresh..

At Least You Can Say You "Struck Out" with Your Buddies

A bad night of bowling was better than a good day at school.

You Knew at Least One "Beauty School Dropout"

Every girl wanted to look like Jackie Kennedy.

You Saw Double at Walker Drug

From aspirin for Mom to cigars for Pop, the local drug stores had everything!

You Checked Out the "B-Sides" at Martin Record Store

Maybe just maybe you can find some David Clark Five amongst all of these "glorious" instrumentals.

You Dreamed of a Diamond Ring From Williams Jewelry

But got a wrist watch..

You Skated in Circles at the Roller Rink

A date at the skating rink in Miami was "preferred" than one at the drive-in movie in Joplin...

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