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The List: 10 Dangerous Things Afton Folks Did

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

No doubt we are more safety and socially conscience than we use to be. This little list reminds us how daring everyday life was. Photos taken from the school yearbooks of Afton, Oklahoma. 1. Type Without Spell Check

It was best to make a "rough draft" before clicking those keys. Just one mistake, you have to start over or bare the consequences!

2. Experiment without PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Move over Edison, the boys are going to science the heck out of senior year with the bunsen burners and beakers and no eye protection!

3. Goof With Guns

Whether they are toys or not we don't point guns at people.

4. Boys Dressing Like Girls

Initiating Freshmen by making them wear Mom's dress..OH MY!

5. Riding a Bicycle Without a Helmet

It's amazing more kids didn't have concussions when riding a bike without a helmet.

6. Trick or Treating Without Parents

In a small town you can pretty much trust all of your neighbors just stay away from that creepy guy on the corner.

7. Meet After School

Without video games or helicopter parents these teens are left to their own devices..

8. Be the Odd Guy Without the Sport Jacket and Tie

Before teachers wearing jeans and t-shirts were the norm..

9. Climbing the Rungs Jacob's Ladder

This can't be safe no matter what year..

10. Read a Bible at School

Contrary to popular belief you can still do that!

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