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Transcript: Ottawa County News (03/04/23)

Updated: Mar 16

Ottawa County News Episode 2

Date: March 4, 2023

Note: This is a working document information may change. Missing numbers means stories were dropped.

Mike: In this week's episode of Ottawa County News, we'll see highlights of a recent townhall where Recreational Marijuana in Oklahoma was discussed. We'll learn how to file a claim for hail damage. And later we'll visit a recent conference for local Emergency personel. All of this and more here on Ottawa County News!


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Mike: Welcome to our Second episode of Ottawa County News. Last week at the end of the program I mentioned this program is a rebranding of another news program "The Community Focus Update". If you are curious what news we reported on feel free to visit our video section on our Facebook page. We also still have transcripts from that program on our website Woodruff Media dot com slash news. We did this program for 2 years took a year of and now we're continuing telling our communities story.

Anyway before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about those folks who help make this program possible..

-Extreme Gaming Mike: In addition to video games, Extreme Gaming at 1915 North Main in Miami is now offering movie rentals! Each Tuesday is New Release day and with over twelve hundred titles in stock, there’s something for everyone! To learn more give Extreme Gaming a call at 918-542-7529. On the phone or in person be sure to thank them for sponsoring the Community Focus Update!

Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of Ottawa County News it’s only $20 an episode or $50 a month. Email me at Michael at Woodruff Media dot com with the word “advertising” in the subject line.

#1 (one shot/Video)

Guardians Conference VO/SOT From February 20th through the 22nd emergency personell from Police, EMS, and for the first time in the 4 years of this event, area fire departments met to learn the latest techniques and equipment for emergency response. Quapaw Nation Firefighter Jared Throneberry explains Lower third: Jared Throneberry, Battalion Chief, Quapaw Nation Fire/EMS Lower third: Henry Hayes, Chief, Peoria Volunteer Fire Department

#2 (One shot/Video)

MRCC 16th Annual Gala VO/SOT Mike: The Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted it's 13th annual Awards Gala at the NEO Calcagno Family Ballroom. During this event outsanding Educators, Businesses, Non-Profits and Volunteers were honored. They include:


Mike: Winner for Industry: Myers Industry/Scepter

Large Business of the year: red Collar Pet Foods

Excellence in Education: Garrett Bergman, Miami Public Schools

Non-Profit of the year: Modoc Nation Behavioral Health

Small Business of the Year: Roger Insurance Center

The Mark Rogers Volunteer of the year Award: Debbie East

And the Impact Award was Mackenzie Garst We caught up with a few folks and got their thoughts on winning such a prestigious Award SOT

Lower Third: Garret Bergmen, Miami Public Schools, Excellence in Education Lower Third: Charles Rogers, RIC Agency, Small Buisness of the Year

Lower Third: Eddie Lopez, T-Mobile, New Business of The Year Lower Third: Debbie East, Mark Rogers Volunteer of the Year

#3 (one shot/Video)

Hail Damage VO

Mike: According to the National Weather Service, "The peak time of year for hail storms falls right in the middle of that transition period from mid-April to mid-May. Another small peak occurs in November as the weather pattern transitions back into winter."

If you were in Northeast Oklahoma on Thursday March 2nd you probably yelled "Hail No!" and worried about damage to your home and auto.


According to State Farm the largest insurer in the United States , $202 Million dollars was paid in claims alone for Oklahoma in 2021. We reached out to local State Farm insuance agent Jim Rexwinkle and asked what do people need to consider when making a claim. Lower Third: Jim Rexwinkle, State Farm Agent, Miami Source: (Graphic)

Mike: If you have a news tip or an upcoming event visit our website at Woodruffmedia dot com slash news

(Camera) Mike: After the break we'll be showing you highlights of a recent townhall where Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Oklahoma was discussed. Here’s a list of upcoming events in Ottawa County.


Upcoming Events Mon Mar 6, 9am Weekly Ottawa Board of County Commissioners, courthouse, Miami Sat, Mar 25, 2 PM Community Worship + Prayer NEO College, Miami (OKERT :30, PSA Free) #5 (One shot/Video) Townhall on Recreational Marijuana Legalization (Camera/video)

Mike: Welcome back everyone. Last week we gave you the background on State Question 820, which makes recreational marijuana legal in Oklahoma. Before voters have an opportunity to decide on SQ 820 on Tuesday March 7th, local nonprofit Partners for Ottawa County held a townhall on Tuesday February 28th to discuss the pros and cons of recreational marijuana. Three opponents and three proponents provided statistical and anecdotal evidence. Here are the highlights of that town hall. - "Benefits of Medical Marijuana" Lower Third: Clark Osborn, Physician -"The Devil's Lettuce" Lower Third : Greg Douglass, -"SQ 820 s\Stops Blackmarket" Lower Third : Jason Elsasser, Owner,Tilt Dispensary -"Bad legislation" Lower Third: Mark Byfield, Detective , Miami Police Department (Camera) Mike: During the event's question and answer session Mayor of Miami Bless Parker shared his thoughts. Lower Third: Bless Parker, Mayor, Miami (graphic) If you want to learn even more about State Question 820 or see the full discussion you can visit today's transcript at Woodruff Media dot com slash news. Source: Marijuana Sales Data in Oklahoma 2023 State Question 820 Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Mike: Well that is it for our program please like and share this video and if you have yet, to become our friend on Facebook please do so. We’ll see you next week.

(Copyright 2023/fade out)

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