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Transcript: The Community Focus Update (01/27/21)

Updated: May 24, 2021

The Community Focus Update Date: January 27th, 2020 Note: This is a working document information may change. Missing numbers means stories were dropped. (FSG) Covid-19 Disclaimer (PPT Video/Chroma Key) -:60 Opener/Lower third (Mike) (One shot) (Zoom in) Mike: Welcome to our 43rd episode of the Community Focus Update. I’m Michael Woodruff. (One shot) Mike: In this week’s program we'll be learning about upcoming legislation in Oklahoma City, We'll attend a townhall in Wyandotte, and later we'll meet a local artist. Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about our sponsors. -Graphic -The Community Health Clinic Mike: As the number of suicides national experts are looking at ways to address the problem and you can be part of this movement. Coming up on March 10th from 9 to noon. The Community Health Center is hosting a zoom conference with several nationally recognized experts to include folks from the CDC, local health clinics, faith leaders, and policy experts. For details visit chcneo dot com slash special dash virtual dash event dash suicide dash prevention. This livestream event will also be broadcasted here on the Woodruff Media Facebook page. -Elegance Unleashed Mike: Elegance Unleashed; Owner Deb Swank offers a full service salon for you and your family. They offer a wide variety of services from haircuts to pedicures. Due to easing of state and local Covid-19 rules Elegance Unleashed, will be taking one-on-one appointments. Children and the disabled can be accompanied by one adult. As a safety caution all clients are asked to wear surgical masks. If you don’t have a mask one will be provided. Deb wants to thank everyone for their past patronage and looks forward to serving returning and new customers. For an appointment call 918-544-6976. -Pewitt Law Graphic Mike: Since 1992, Douglas Pewitt has been serving the public as an attorney. If you have questions about Family law to include divorce and child custody, auto or personal injury, or found yourself on the other side of the law. Call Pewitt Law Offices at 918-542-8400. Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of The Community Focus Update it’s only $10 an episode during the covid-19 pandemic. Email me at Michael Woodruff Media Management dot com with the Word “advertising” in the subject line. #1 (One shot/Graphic) (Fairland Valentines Day Remind ) Mike: Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and Fairland Public Schools wants to remind everyone that valentines can not be delivered to any staff, teacher, or student at any school facility due to covid-19 restrictions. #2(One shot/Graphic) (Quapaw Doggy Jail) Mike: Beginning on Monday January 25th, the town of Quapaw will be enforcing it's leash law. At large dogs will be caught and owner will be fined $10 a day plus a $5 tag fee if the animal has yet to be registered with the city. Other fees may also apply to include the price of rabies vaccination if the owner fails to provide documentation. To learn more call 918-674-2525. -Graphic #3 (one shot/graphic) (Chasteen Town Hall) Mike: On Monday January 26th at Wyandotte community center. Ottawa County District 2 Commissioner held a town hall to discuss upcoming county road construction and get feedback from Ottawa County citizens. Here's a portion of that meeting.

Lower Third: Steven Chasteen, Commissioner, Ottawa County District 2 -Graphic (One Shot/Video) #4 (Mask Mandate Legislation) Mike: According to a recent updated article from AARP, 37 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico mandate face coverings in public. Here's a list of those states: -Graphic

Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island Texas Utah Vermont Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Mike: Among the states that don't have a mask mandate is Oklahoma. According to recent legislation submitted by Oklahoma Representative Democrat Jason Lowe, of the 97th district that's located in the Northeastern part of Oklahoma City, House Bill 2191


Mike: Also known as the "COVID-19 Save Lives Response Act". While many states, like Arkansas, that has a sunset clause that ends their mandate when the emergency is over or Texas whose mandate is scheduled to expire on July 3rd of this year. HB2191 has an expiration based on a benchmark of 300 hospitalizations of less statewide for a consecutive 30 days. The bill also defines what an "essential business" is to include child care providers and places of worship.. If passed HB 2191 would apply to anyone over the age of 5 without medical limitations. Businesses will provide and require mask usage by their employees. Customers will also be required to wear a mask into the establishment. Non-essential gatherings like parties, will be limited to 10 people. Non-essential events outdoors are also prohibited to include public property like streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and parks. Employers whose business don't require direct contact with the public shall attempt to enact telecommuting or work-from-home procedures. Individuals or entities can be fined up to $1,000 with each day of an non essential event being fined consecutively up to $15,000. -Animated Graphic Mike: To See the full text of HB 2191 visit today's transcript at Woodruff Media Management dot com slash news.


Mike: Have a news tip? Why let us know by visiting our website slash News and fill out the form.

Mike: Coming up after the break, we’ll speaking with a local artist whose work keeps the memory of his ancestors. Until then here's a list of upcoming government meetings opened to the public.

Upcoming Government Meetings

Wyandotte City Council February 8, 7pm

Fairland City Council February 11, 7pm

#6 (One shot/Zoom Interview/Video) Topics: Family heritage, storytelling, early audio recordings, pottery. Lower Third: Richard Smith, Artist, Wyandotte Tribe Commercial Break (Osborn drug :30, Paid)

Mike: Here's a piece of trivia you may not know. Commercial Break (Unity of Joplin :30, Paid) Mike: Well that’s it for this week’s program. Be sure to like and share this video and become our friend on Facebook. Thanks again for watching. We’ll see you next week! (Copyright/fade out)

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