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Transcript: Ottawa County News (04/10/23)

Ottawa County News Episode 6

Date: April 11, 2023

Mike: In this week's episode of Ottawa County News, we'll discuss recent election totals.. Then we’ll talk baseball at the Mickey Mantle Classic. Later we’ll visit a local tulip farm. All of this and more here on Ottawa County News!


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Mike: Welcome to our sixth episode of Ottawa County News! I’m local broadcaster Michael Woodruff. Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about those folks who help make this program possible..

-Extreme Gaming Mike: In addition to video games, Extreme Gaming at 1915 North Main in Miami is now offering movie rentals! Each Tuesday is New Release day and with over twelve hundred titles in stock, there’s something for everyone! To learn more give Extreme Gaming a call at 918-542-7529. On the phone or in person be sure to thank them for sponsoring the Ottawa County News!

Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of Ottawa County News its only $20 an episode or $50 a month. Email me at Michael at Woodruff Media dot com with the word “advertising” in the subject line.

#1 (one shot/Graphic)

Election Results Mike: Tuesday April 4th, communities around Ottawa county had an opportunity to vote on a variety of topics.

(Graphic) In Afton, 262 votes were casted for Board of Trustee; among the six candidates the top three were selected for board of trustee Carol Turner, Michael Nelson, and Kristina McCurin who garnered close to 21 percent of the vote. Michael Nelson, an incumbent, won election by one vote.

(Graphic) Afton voters also elected incumbent Bobbie Jo Baumann for Town Clerk with 74 percent of 89 votes.

(Graphic) Two Propositions on the ballot that were designed to update how Town Clerk and Town Treasurer operate by turning them from elected positions to appointed positions failed.

The next election for Town Treasurer will be April 2025.

(Graphic) Up next is Miami, 1,103 voters had a choice between the incumbent Bless Parker and local businessman Robert Ferguson. 79 percent voted to keep Mr. Parker in Office.

(Graphic) For Miami School board 1,110 voters had a choice between local dentist Jamie Williams and Incumbent Mark Zordel. 54 percent voted to keep Mr. Zordel on the board.

(Graphic) Oftentimes we’ll hear a person’s vote doesn’t matter. Well you’d be hard pressed to find truth in that misinformation when the town of Quapaw voted for a board of trustee. Mickey Johnson won by two votes against Tim Lovell. Sadly only 68 people showed up to vote for this position.

(Graphic) When it came to the Quapaw School board 107 people voted Dennis King got 57% against John Jennings.

(Camera) According to the Ottawa County election board there are currently no elections planned for the remaining year. And 2024 will be a busy year because it is a presidential election year.


To learn more about elections in Oklahoma and how you can run for office or volunteer to be a poll worker please visit Oklahoma dot gov slash elections

#2 (one shot/Video)

Mickey Mantle Classic

Mike: It all started in 2001 as a way to commemorate the construction of a new baseball stadium the Mickey Mantle Classic has grown to a yearly event that features wooden bats, commemorations, and high school teams from Missouri and Oklahoma playing Americas pastime. Organizer Brian Simmons explains the logisitics of such an event to include fundraising for next years tournament.

Lower Third: Brian Simmons

Mike: One of the highlights of the Mickey Mantle Classic is to meet with former professional ball players. We had an chance to meet Hall of Famer Pitcher Lee Smith and get his thoughts on his diverse career as a relief pitcher for the Chicago cubs to the Montreal Expos.

Lower Third: Brian Simmons

For those who don’t know, Mickey Mantle grew up in Commerce and had a stellar career in Baseball with the New York Yankees from 1951 to 1968.


#3 (one shot/Video)

Tulips For the Glory of God

Mike: In its second year Two Girls Tulips have opened their farmer to the public. As you can see many people took advantage of a sunny yet windy day to pick flowers and celebrate Easter. Owner Jade Robertson says this farm serves a bigger purpose. Lower Third: Jade Robertson, Owner, Two Girls Tulips

Mike: We spoke with tulip lover Pat Baker and this is what she had to say about visiting the farmer.

Lower Third: Pat Baker, Ottawa County Resident


Mike: If you have a news tip or an upcoming event visit our website at Woodruffmedia dot com slash news (Camera) Mike: After the break we'll be learning about a local teen who is making a local park a little cleaner.

Mike: Here are some upcoming events in our area.


Upcoming Events Sat Apr 15 8am OCFC Route 66 5K for Kids (OKERT :30, PSA Free) (Graphic) (Ottawa County Facts) #3 (One shot/Video) Townhall With Congressmen Jon Brecheen (R)

Mike: Recently Congressman Josh Brecheen held a town hall at NEO College here’s the highlights of that meeting.


Brecheen discusses trimming federal budget starting with diversity programs and other discretionary spending.

Alisen Anderson of NEO agriculture department asks about upcoming farm bill. Brecheen hasn’t read bill but is aware of what is in it. Has a problem with food stamps.

Kit Waters of Mom Demand Action asks about regulating firearms to prevent school shootings and changes in armed teacher certification that reduces the amount of training hours.. Brecheen disagrees with regulation “It’s a human problem not a gun problem”

Mayor Bless Parker asks about Brecheens views on Flooding and GRDA. Brecheen has met with GRDA and assures the mayor he wants to sove the problem. Sente also has to be involved in process.

Mike: Well that is it for our program please like and share this video and if you have yet to become our friend on Facebook please do so. We’ll see you next week.

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