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Transcript: Ottawa County News 04/03/23

Ottawa County News Episode 5

Date: April 03, 2023

Mike: In this week's episode of Ottawa County News, we'll attend an area revival and learn how some believe this is the beginning of something bigger.. Then we’ll visit a local film festival. Later we’ll meet a young man who is making a difference in a Miami Park. All of this and more here on Ottawa County News!


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-:60 Opener/Lower third (Mike)

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Mike: Welcome to our third episode of Ottawa County News! I’m local broadcaster Michael Woodruff. Before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about those folks who help make this program possible..

-Extreme Gaming Mike: In addition to video games, Extreme Gaming at 1915 North Main in Miami is now offering movie rentals! Each Tuesday is New Release day and with over twelve hundred titles in stock, there’s something for everyone! To learn more give Extreme Gaming a call at 918-542-7529. On the phone or in person be sure to thank them for sponsoring the Ottawa County News!

Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of Ottawa County News its only $20 an episode or $50 a month. Email me at Michael at Woodruff Media dot com with the word “advertising” in the subject line.

#1 (one shot/Graphic)

Revival in Miami Mike: The basic definition of the word revival is bringing something back to life. In the term of faith there is a deeper meaning bringing a church or even a national back to life.

(Graphic) Mike: Since the early days of the English colonies in the new world, we have experienced Revival or as historians call “Great Awakenings”. These events have happened during or after times of peril. The last one was during the rise of communism, and a world experiencing social change from the 1960 to 1980.

(Video) Mike: Recently a small Christian college in Kentucky, Asbury University, experienced the phenomena of Revival from February 8th through February 24th. On February 15, hashtag "asburyrevival" had over 24 million views on TikTok, then increased to 63 million by the 18th.

(SOT/VO) This revival began a trend across the nation. On March 25th, area residents met for worship at NEO College here in Miami. Organizers Aaron and Jill Bland explain why bringing the spirit of revival to Ottawa County was important.

Lower Third: Jill Bland, Event Organizer

Lower Third: Aaron Bland, Event Organizer

(Camera) Mike: At the event, I had an opportunity to speak with a local pastor Jonathan Jennings about Revival in America and the continuance of the 4th Awakening many theologians call “The Jesus Movement” Lower Third: Rev. Jonathan Jennings, Minister

#2 (one shot/Photo/Video/Graphic)

Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Mike: On the Same day across town, filmmakers from all walks of life met at The Coleman Theatre for the 3rd annual Sunny Side Up Film Festival a three day event featuring 50 short films. Producers of the Short Film “The Measured” gave us thoughts on their project and this event. Lower Third: Tom Baker, Director, “The Measured” Lower Third: Hawk, Actor, “The Measured”

Lower Third: Steven Denton, Actor, “The Measured” (Camera)

Mike: In addition to watching films, festival goers had an opportunity to be entertained here are some words from those folks

Lower Third: Karen Knotts, Comedian

Lower Third: Aurora LaRay, Musician and Comedian


Mike: If you have a news tip or an upcoming event visit our website at Woodruffmedia dot com slash news (Camera) Mike: After the break we'll be learning about a local teen who is making a local park a little cleaner.

Mike: Here are some upcoming events in our area.


Upcoming Events Mon April 3, 9am Weekly Ottawa Board of County Commissioners, courthouse, Miami Tue Apr 4, Election Day 7am-7pm Tue Apr 4, 12pm Townhall Congressman Josh Brecheen, NEO College Sat Apr 8 10am Ottawa County Democrats Meeting, Miami Public Library Sat Apr 15 8am OCFC Route 66 5K for Kids (OKERT :30, PSA Free) (Graphic) (Ottawa County Facts) #3 (One shot/Video) Riverview Park Cleanup Teen Gets Donation

Mike: With what started as a 4H project in which fishing line receptacles were put in place at Riverview Park in Miami, Miami high school student Berkley Ulrey and other volunteers have been picking up trash at River Park one Sunday each month. This young man gives us more details.

Lower Third: Berkley Ulrey, Organizer, Riverview Park Community Cleanup Mike: Mr. Ulreys efforts have gotten noticed from many folks to include the Mayor of Miami and a local businessman. While we were filming, Bryan Baker of Spoonbill Wreckers presented a check for a thousand dollars to Mr. Ulrey to be used for addition cleaning equipment.

(Two Shot)

Lower Third: Berkley Ulrey, Organizer, Riverview Park Community Cleanup Lower Third: Bryan Baker, Owner, Spoonbill Wreckers

(Graphic) For future cleanup times visit Riverview Park Community Cleanup’s Facebook page Mike: Well that is it for our program please like and share this video and if you have yet to become our friend on Facebook please do so. We’ll see you next week.

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