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Transcript: The Community Focus Update (05/23/21)

The Community Focus Update

Date: May 23rd, 2021

Note: This is a working document information may change. Missing numbers means stories were dropped.


Mike: In this week’s program we’ll learn how Fairland is honoring their police, We’ll learn how a beloved event is returning to the Miami Fairgrounds, and later we’ll learn more about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

All this and more, here on The Community Focus Update!

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-:60 Opener/Lower third (Mike)

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Mike: Welcome to our 55th episode of the Community Focus Update. I’m Michael Woodruff. For many this time of year is bittersweet. If you have a child graduating from high school you know exactly what I’m talking about. Last Sunday this baby (pause) who later turned into a little girl (pause) graduated from high school (pause). My wife and I couldn’t be prouder. Congrats Grace on your accomplishments in graduating and becoming a Certified Nurses Aid and we’re excited to see you go to the next level becoming a Nurse in the upcoming years.

Oh to have an empty nest (Chuckle).

Anyway before we dive into what's going on around Ottawa County let's talk about our sponsors.

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#1 (One shot/Video/Photos)

Fairland Police Honored/Edwin Ball Update


Mike: At the Fairland Board of Trustees meeting, the town of Fairland recognized the service and sacrifice of the community’s police department in conjunction with National Police Week. At the forefront of this recognition was the response to an incident on March 24th of last year, where Fairland Resident Edwin D. Ball held a 10 hour stand-off with Fairland police, Oklahoma Highway patrol, The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s department. By the end of the incident One man was killed and two others were wounded to include a highway state trooper.

According to court documents Mr. Ball is still being held at the Ottawa County Jail and will be appearing before district court on September 27th in response to the charges of MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE- DELIBERATE INTENT, SHOOTING WITH INTENT TO KILL


To learn more about this cse visit our Transcript at Woodruff Media Management dot com slash news

#2 (One Shot/Video) Mule/Horse show

Mike: Last week area farmers and ranchers met to buy, sell and trade, horse, mules, and other items to include saddles and buggies. This event was hosted by Morris Yoder Auctions. Organizer Chester Palmer explains the history and future of this event.

Lower Third: Chester Palmer, Organizer, 4 State Draft and Mule Sale

#3 (One Shot/Video) MRCC State of the Community

Mike: On Friday May 14th, The Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted their State of the Community luncheon at the ballroom at NEO College. During this meeting recent, present and future local, county, and tribal projects were discussed. Guests included Miami Mayor Bless Parker, Miami City Manager Bo Reece, Intertribal President Ethel Cook, Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Chairman Russel Earls, Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce Director Cindy Morris, and Miami Area Economic Development Service CEO/President Charlotte Howe. Here’s a sample of what was discussed.

Lower Third: Russel Earls, Commissioner, Ottawa County District 1

Lower Third: Ethel Cook, Chief, Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma


Mike: The Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce's next event will be Women in Business Quarterly Luncheon on May 27th at noon at their offices at 11 South Main tickets are $15 and can be reserved by calling 918-542-4481


Mike: If you have a new tip we'd love to hear from you. You can send it to with the words “News Tip” in the subject line

Mike: After the break we’ll be speaking with a local author about his recent book on the aftermath of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Here’s a list of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Ottawa County Commissioners Monday May 24, 9am (online)

Fairland Board of Trustees Tuesday May 25, 6pm (in-person)

Miami G.A.R Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony Monday May 31, 9:30am

Quapaw Farmers Market Friday June 4, 2pm

Commercial Break (Unity of Joplin, Paid)

Mike: Welcome Back everyone.

#6 (one shot/graphic)

(Interview with book guy)

Mike: Coming up after the break, we’ll talk about what's coming up on the next episode of The Community Focus Update.

Did you know trivia

Commercial Break (Ottawa County Farmers Market :30, Paid)

#7 (One Shot)

(Commentary on Open Records Act/Trial by Media)

Mike: Welcome Back everyone.

Mike: In next week's episode we’ll be updating you on the ongoing saga of a Fairland trustee and talk with a local health professional about summer pests. Until then please like and share this video and if you have yet, become our friend on facebook. We’ll see you later.

(Copyright 2021/fade out)


Edwin D. Ball Incident

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