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Transcript: The Community Focus Update (08/20/20)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The Community Focus Update Date: August 20. 2020


Covid-19 Disclaimer (PPT Video/Chroma Key)

-:60 Opener/Lower third (Mike) (One shot) (Zoom in) Mike: Welcome to our 27th episode of the Community Focus Update. I’m Michael Woodruff. Sun Flowers or Route 66 (One shot) Mike: In this week's episode we hear from Miami residents about the increase of their utility bills, learn about recent legislation concerning Route 66, say "goodbye" to a much loved non-profit, and much more.. - Graphic

-Elegance Unleashed Mike: Elegance Unleashed; Owner Deb Swank offers a full service salon for you and your family. They offer a wide variety of services from haircuts to pedicures. Due to easing of state and local Covid-19 rules Elegance Unleashed, will be taking one-on-one appointments. Children and the disabled can be accompanied by one adult. As a safety caution all clients are asked to wear surgical masks. If you don’t have a mask one will be provided. Deb wants to thank everyone for their past patronage and looks forward to serving returning and new customers. For an appointment call 918-544-6976.


Mike: Do you or a loved one need home care? Then give Caring Hands Home Services a call at 417-825-5600. Caring Hands Home Services offers covid-19 compliant care in your home with light cooking and cleaning. With stay at home orders issued by state and local governments, Caring Hands Home Services is an essential business and offers grocery pickup from your favorite store! Caring Hands Home Services serves Ottawa County and the Joplin Metro area. -Graphic

Mike: We also want to thank Rachel's Marvelous Masks. In this current state of caution why not look trendy and wear a mask that suits your personality. With masks starting at $8, Local seamstress Rachel Sanda reminds you to spread love, not germs! For more information visit Rachel's Marvelous Masks on Facebook or call (918) 244-1049.


Mike: The Ottawa County Farmers Market is now open and following CDC covid-19 guidelines to include “one way in, one way out” service, hand washing stations, social distancing, and all vendors wearing masks. The Ottawa County farmers market is every Thursday afternoon from 4 to7 at 225 B St NW behind All Saints Episcopal Church for more information visit OttawaCounty FM dot com.

-Graphic Mike: If you’d like to advertise or be a sponsor of The Community Focus Update it’s only $10 an episode during the covid-19 pandemic. Email me at Michael Woodruff Media Management dot com with the Word “advertising” in the subject line. (One shot/Video) (County Fair vendors and Covid-19) Mike: Last week we broadcasted live from The Ottawa County Fair. While participants and exhibitors were minimal due to covd-19 concerns some local vendors decided being part of the yearly event was worth the risk. Aaron and Fay Ayres owners of Ma n’ Pa Kettle corn explain. Lower Third: Aaron Ayers, owner Ma & Pa Kettle Corn Mike: Ma & Pa Kettle Corn will be at the Rodeo Miami on August 27th thru August 29th. (One shot/Video/graphic) (Miami Good Neighbor Project) Mike: After six months of serving the community the organizers of the Miami Good Neighbor Project are calling it quits… Well not really.. Rick Aldrige with the Miami Good Neighbor project explains. Lower Third: Rick Aldridge, Miami Good Neighbor Project Lower Third: Volunteer Comment Lower Third: Client Comment (One shot/Video/graphic) (Route 66 Bill) Source:


Mike: On August 10, 2020 The US Senate passed The Route 66 Centennial Commission Act formally labeled S. 1014. This bipartisan bill was introduced by Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) on April 3, 2019. The Route 66 Centennial Commission Act is one of the first steps the federal government is taking in it’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of historic Route 66 planned for 2026.

-Route 66

According to the bill’s text “Route 66 was the first all-weather highway in the United States connecting the Midwest to California, and has played a major role in the history of the United States. Over time it became a symbol of the heritage of travel and the legacy of seeking a better life shared by the people of the United States, and has been enshrined in the popular culture of the United States.

The establishment of a Commission will consist of members approved by the President based on recommendations by the governors of all states that have the highway. Other members will also include those recommended by the Department of Transportation and those recommended by the minority and majority leaders of each house of Congress. -Graphic The Commission shall—

(1) study activities that may be carried out by the Federal Government to determine whether the activities are fitting and proper to honor Route 66 on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of Route 66, including activities such as—

(A) the issuance of commemorative coins, medals, certificates of recognition, and postage stamps;

(B) ceremonies and celebrations commemorating specific events; and

(C) the production, publication, and distribution of books, pamphlets, films, electronic publications, and other educational materials; and

(2) recommend to Congress— (A) the activities that the Commission considers most fitting and proper to honor Route 66 on the occasion and

(B) 1 or more entities in the Federal Government that the Commission considers most appropriate to carry out those activities.


Mike: The Commission may accept and use voluntary and uncompensated services it determines to be necessary and can accept, use, and dispose of gifts, grants, bequests, or devises of money, services, or property from any public or private source for the purpose of covering the costs incurred by the Commission in carrying out this Act.

-Graphic Mike: For more information you can click on the link in our transcript for today’s program in the notes section of our Facebook page.

Mike: Coming up after the break, we’ll be featuring a recent Miami city council meeting where concerned residents have brought up issues about high utility bills. Trivia: Vinita was the first city in Oklahoma to have electricity.

Comercial Break Unity of Joplin (Paid)

(One shot) (Miami Utility Bill Issues) Mike: Two weeks ago week we reported a handful of Miamians discovered their utility bills to be higher than expected. Last Friday afternoon Miami Mayor Bless Parker and the city council met in special council to listen to residents who are noticing an extreme rise in their utility bills. During the meeting city officals did address many of those concerns. Here’s a condensed version of that 2 hour plus meeting.

-Video Upper Third: Miami City Council Meeting, Aug 14th 2020 Lower Third: Tyler Kline, Interm City Manager Lower Third: Jill Fittzgibbon, Meter services Lower Third: Bless Parker, Mayor, City of Miami

Mike: If you want to learn more about city government or watch the full version of any city council meeting visit

Lower Third: To learn more about Miami City Governmment or seek help visit Mike: After the break we’ll tell you what’s coming up next week On The Community Focus Update. Here’s a piece of trivia you may not know. Trivia: Miami Was the first Chartered town in Indian territory and is the county seat of Ottawa County.

Commercial Break -Featherstone (Paid)

(One shot/Graphic) (Candidate Covid Tease) Mike: Coming up next week, we’ll be speaking with an Ottawa County Candidate about his experince after contracting Covid-19.

Mike: Well that’s it for this weeks program. Be sure to like and share this video and become our friend on Facebook. Thanks again for watching. We

Ll see you next week!

(Copyright/fade out)

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